Quality and environment
Väckelsångs Industriplast AB are constantly working to improve all the processes within the company in order to meet the
requirements of the business and the demands for products that customers and authorities require. Our business is certified
according to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) which we see as a proof that we take quality and the
environment seriously.

We are very keen to, as efficient as possible, use natural resources to reduce the waste stage and we work to reduce the
emission of pollutants. All our plastics are recyclable to 100% and we recycle all waste materials from our production.
The company complies with current legislation and commitments.

Väckelsångs Industriplast AB pursues, well trained employees so that the knowledge and will to take personal
responsibility for the quality, environment and safety is a natural process. Management is responsible for that
policy and objectives are understood and is applied at all levels within the company.

Conscious choices

It is important that our partners are engaged in quality and environment and that they are working on this continuously.
We make conscious choices of suppliers and transporters.