Väckelsångs Industriplast AB is a family business specialized in plastic injection moldings in all types of thermoplastics.

The company is owned and operated by the brothers Tomas and Kurt Johansson. We have been involved in the business since 1970 when our father Lars founded the company. It all started here in the old barn when dad started making his first tube caps for the packaging industry, since then a lot has happened ... 


In the beginning It was enough with the barn and its 250 sqm but as customers stock grew we started to expand in stages. Now we have a production and storage area of over 7 000 sqm and we continue to grow. Together with our 12 employees, we are under constant development and expansion.

We are a small business with fast communication channels between management and production which makes us very flexible. This will always benefit our customers in terms of quick response and delivery. We are happy to provide both smaller and larger production runs.