For many years, we have focused on finding smart and unique solutions to everyday problems in the garden.
All products are Swedish inventions produced by us in our factory in Väckelsång.



              Lawn Edge 

Use  Lawn Edge  
and you will save time and effort each time you mow
your lawn.

Run right over L-Kanten with your lawnmower
and the job is done!
No edge trimming is needed.

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             Plant Guard 

 Plant Guard 
protects your plants against grass, weeds
and other 
unwanted vegetation!

Plant Guard
protects your plants even when you mow the lawn.
Your plants will not dry out as easily.
The roots are protected by the cone-shaped ring.





Spreader for grass seed, 
lime, fertilizer, road salt,
woodchips etc.

ROTHO™ spreads easily and quickly the desired amounts.
The size of the holes and the rotation speed determines how
fast the spreader will be emptied.

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Use salt to tackle dandelions!
Don’t let weeds choke your lawn.
Dry out dandelions with salt – just like your grandmother
used to do.

With exWeed you can dose up to 500
dandelions per hour without having to bend over.

After just one week, the dandelions are gone!

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exWeed Weed Salt for dandelion
thistle, plantain, etc. 
Easy flowing coarse salt with round grains and anti-caking
agents. 99.9% NaCl.

1 kg is enough for 500 dandelions with dosing tube.


Snow, Rubbish, Manure, Spilled Oil, Fluids etc.

Scraplet is perfect to use on rough Surfaces.
The soft polyurethane edge slides easily over the irregularities that cause a normal scraper to stick.

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With our slug trap you eliminate your slug problems. It is simple, practical, blends in well in the garden environment and tested with positive results. Fill the container with some beer, put on the lid and empty it.

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